Ms. Andreolas and Ms. Horn: Inspirational Quotes

The school community of The Bellaire School shines bright!  S.T.E.A.M and Character Education classes join together to design inspirational stones with glitter and motivational sayings in hopes of putting a stop to this saying sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me! We are proud to shine a light on our students who celebrated National Volunteer Week by creating a rock garden hoping to encourage everyone to relax read and reflect.

Poppin Visit

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What started off as a simple Thank You letter for donating materials, blossomed into something even more amazing!

Poppin, an office supply company based in Manhattan, generously contributed school materials to our scholars after the students in Mr. Morales’ class wrote them a letter thanking them for a small donation of materials back in December 2017. After weeks of planning, 16 of their wonderful staff members came to The Bellaire School to meet our scholars and read to our scholars.

A special Thank You to the wonderful staff in Poppin: Valerie, Jessica, Sage, Gena, Matteo, Shatala, Melissa, Celina, Raven, Kate, Ashley, Jerome, Alyssa, Emily, Anne, and Danielle

Again, we appreciate your taking the time to visit us and bringing smiles to our students’ faces.