Imagine Learning: Award Ceremony

Imagine Learning held an award ceremony today in P.S. 135Q, The Bellaire School, in order to recognize those students who demonstrated continuous progression throughout the 2017-2018 school year in their Imagine Learning Literacy account.

Congratulations to the following students:

Abdullah Hussain – read 1526 minutes
Muhammad Hameed – read 1542 minutes
Rakibul  Hague – read 1549 minutes
Abdullah Hameed – read 1568 minutes
David Barrera-Mendoza – read 1594 minutes
Gurleen Kaur – read 1604 minutes
Malik Alzubar – read 1642 minutes
Muhammad Khan – read 1690 minutes
Johensky Severin – read 1759 minutes
Tayeba Kafil – read 1782 minutes
Tasmia Shanjina – read 1790 minutes
Mikael Memon – read 1823 minutes
Aldo Garcia – read 1850 minutes
Randaulph Alcy – read 1885 minutes
Byron Gonzalez – read 1918 minutes
Libny Gonzalez – read 1940 minutes
Niloy Bhattacharjya – read 1950 minutes
Danna Salazar Luna – read 1995 minutes
Mohammad Khan – read 2153 minutes
Danna Durango – read 2253 minutes
Daniel Fulgencio – read 2452 minutes
Mohammad Afghan – read 3105 minutes
Fatima Quazi – read 3264 minutes

In addition, Imagine Learning presented our very own Libny Gonzalez, from class 403, with the 2018 Imagine Learning Language & Literacy Outstanding Literacy Award. The award included a Fire Tablet 7 and award certificate.

No Place for Hate

Congratulations to our No Place for Hate Members and their successful assembly! Together they worked hard to make the Bellaire School a No Place for Hate!

Mr. Egerton, Ms. Eustace, Mr. Mason and Ms. Ward’s class at No Place for Hate Assembly!

Congratulations to Ms. Andreolas and the Future Problem Solver Team!

Congratulations to all students who participated in DFC USA this year!

DFC USA received nearly 200 projects of change from across the country, addressing issues ranging from bullying, poverty, protecting the environment and gender equality.

And now, for the moment we’ve all been waiting for, which student team will represent the USA at the 2018 DFC Global Conference in Taiwan???

The winners of DFC USA 2018!

Please click here to watch videos and read more about the Bellaire School’s Design for Change!

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