Ridgewood Savings Bank Visits 4th Grade

Today, Ridgewood Savings Bank visited 4th grade classes to inform them about the importance of saving money for the future. 💵 
The kids were engaged and interested and discussed the difference between ‘needs’ and ‘wants.’  They were also happy to receive their gift bags!

Ms. Cruz’s Classroom: Spelling Bee Challenge

Class 403 took part in a 4th/5th Grade Scripps Spelling Bee Challenge. 🐝 They studied hard and tried their best.  We are proud to announce the Spelling Bee Champion was Sehlyn Alcotas!  Congratulations 🎉 
2nd Place Winner: Jaiden. 🐝
3rd Place Winner : Mileah 🍎
4th Place Winner: Gabriele⭐️
Some other Honorable Spelling Bee Mentions: Hema, Joakin Jeremiah and Racheal! Nice try!  Keep up the great work.