Welcome to P.S. 135Q – The Bellaire School
At The Bellaire School, we pride ourselves on providing the most robust education possible. Our caring staff ensures that your child will be treated as an individual, and given an educational plan that will serve them well. Career and college readiness skills are paramount at The Bellaire School. We strive to keep classwork rigorous and provide intervention for students that may struggle with their studies. Our targeted approach to improving student success is what sets us apart. While attending our school, your child is cared for and given every opportunity for a bright future.

Art, Music, Science, and Technology
The arts are also integral to student education. We provide arts programs such as art, music, and technology. Classroom teachers also include the arts in their daily lessons. Students may participate in a multitude of artistic expressions. They may act out scenes from one of their books, or sing songs about math. At P.S. 135Q, students and their families are our greatest treasure. Cultivating young minds is what we do best, and we can’t wait to serve our community for another fantastic year.