Homework Tips

General Homework Tips for Parents

  1. Give your child a quiet environment with minimum distractions. This means during homework time there is no tv, music, video games, or cell phone use.
  2. Have a set homework area for your child. Make sure the area is well lit with extra supplies (pencils, glue, scissors,loose-leaf paper) your child may need to complete their assignments.
  3. Keep homework time consistent. You know your child. Some children need a snack and some play time before they can start their homework; other children prefer to eat a snack and then work on their homework. Some children best complete their homework after dinner.
  4. During homework time, continue to monitor your child’s work and guide your child when needed. Remember, it is your child’s responsibility to complete their homework assignments and take ownership of their learning.
  5. Help your child plan their homework time. Have your child start with the assignments that are a challenge first and end with the review assignments. If there is a project due, break the project into homework chunks. This will make the assignment less overwhelming for your child.

Reading and Homework Tips for Parents

  1. Set up a reading routine at home that is free from distractions.
  2. When your child reads aloud to you and makes a mistakes or skips a word, correct your child and have them reread the sentence from the beginning correctly.
  3. During your reading time to check that your child is understanding what they are reading, ask your child questions about the characters and/or events from the story. Make sure they give you details from the story when they answering your questions.
  4. As you are coming to the end of the story, stop and have your child predict what will happen at the end and why he/she thinks it happen by using details from the story.

Math Homework Tips for Parents

  1. Try to be aware of how your child is being taught math.  Ask your child’s teacher for resources and support if your child is having difficulty with a math concept.
  2. Encourage your child to look back at the math work he/she completed in class.
  3. Continue to check in with your child’s teacher about your child’s progress in math.