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School Operations

  • Indoor Line-Up:
    • Pre-K: Parent/Guardian escorts children to the classrooms.
    • Kindergarten – Fifth Grade: will lineup outside of their classrooms.
  • Dismissal Process: Click here to download the dismissal process.
    • Dismissal Form: Click here to download the dismissal option form.
  • Dismissal Exits:
    • Pre-K: Cafeteria at 2:10PM
    • Kindergarten: Student Entrance at 2:10PM
    • First Grade: Student Entrance at 2:10PM
    • Second Grade: Inner Courtyard at 2:15PM
    • Third Grade: Inner Courtyard at 2:15PM
    • Fourth Grade: Inner Courtyard at 2:15PM
    • Fifth Grade: Bus Exit Door (207th Street) at 2:15PM
  • School Supply List: Please click on the grade level below for the school supply list.


  • Next Generation Standards: Click here to view the Next Generation Learning Standards.
  • EngageNY: Click here to access the parents/family database of resources via EngageNY.