From Ms. Arduini: Middle School Directory

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I have gone into each 5th-grade classroom to discuss with the students the importance of looking through the MS directory with someone at home.  Please have conversations with your child, focusing on program choices offered and the locations of the schools.  I spoke with the classes about being realistic about distance, so please be mindful of the location of the middle schools as you look through the choices in the directory.  If a middle school is quite a distance from your home, please note that you will have to get your child to and from school each day either by MTA bus, train or car.

The application system is not open yet, so the focus right now should be on looking through the directory and attending the District 29 Middle School Fair at I.S. 59 with your child on Thursday, October 18th (Presentations at 5:30 and 6:30).


Dear Parents/Guardians,

Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year! We are very excited to have your child attend Kindergarten at P.S. 135 in September. In this envelope are some important items to help with your child’s transition to Kindergarten. Attached, you will find a supply sheet of materials to assist in your child’s education. Please make sure that you have the materials in no later than Wednesday, September 12th.

Also, you will find a custom name tag with all of your child’s information on it. This name tag will be needed for the first few weeks of school to help everyone identify who they are and should make it easier for them to meet new friends. Please make sure the name tag accompanies your child and is already being worn when entering school. If your child has any allergies, please make sure to note it on the back of their name tag so that everyone is aware.

For the first week of school, Kindergarten will be lining up in the Handball courts. Please look for the signs with the same class number that is on their tag. Dismissal for Kindergarten will be in the same area as Pre-K, which is in the cafeteria. The students will also be receiving three blue identification cards within the first week of school that needs to be filled out and returned to your teacher as soon as possible.

The normal start and end time for Kindergarten will be 8:00 AM to 2:10 PM. Please keep in mind that the first day of school, September 5th, is not a full day and dismissal will be at 11:20 AM.

I hope everyone continues to enjoy their summer and I will see everyone in September!

Thank you,

Dr. Ramlogan
Assistant Principal

Future Problem Solvers – Wisconsin

Imagine Learning: Award Ceremony

Imagine Learning held an award ceremony today in P.S. 135Q, The Bellaire School, in order to recognize those students who demonstrated continuous progression throughout the 2017-2018 school year in their Imagine Learning Literacy account.

Congratulations to the following students:

Abdullah Hussain – read 1526 minutes
Muhammad Hameed – read 1542 minutes
Rakibul  Hague – read 1549 minutes
Abdullah Hameed – read 1568 minutes
David Barrera-Mendoza – read 1594 minutes
Gurleen Kaur – read 1604 minutes
Malik Alzubar – read 1642 minutes
Muhammad Khan – read 1690 minutes
Johensky Severin – read 1759 minutes
Tayeba Kafil – read 1782 minutes
Tasmia Shanjina – read 1790 minutes
Mikael Memon – read 1823 minutes
Aldo Garcia – read 1850 minutes
Randaulph Alcy – read 1885 minutes
Byron Gonzalez – read 1918 minutes
Libny Gonzalez – read 1940 minutes
Niloy Bhattacharjya – read 1950 minutes
Danna Salazar Luna – read 1995 minutes
Mohammad Khan – read 2153 minutes
Danna Durango – read 2253 minutes
Daniel Fulgencio – read 2452 minutes
Mohammad Afghan – read 3105 minutes
Fatima Quazi – read 3264 minutes

In addition, Imagine Learning presented our very own Libny Gonzalez, from class 403, with the 2018 Imagine Learning Language & Literacy Outstanding Literacy Award. The award included a Fire Tablet 7 and award certificate.