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Imagine Learning: Award Ceremony

Imagine Learning held an award ceremony today in P.S. 135Q, The Bellaire School, in order to recognize those students who demonstrated continuous progression throughout the 2017-2018 school year in their Imagine Learning Literacy account.

Congratulations to the following students:

Abdullah Hussain – read 1526 minutes
Muhammad Hameed – read 1542 minutes
Rakibul  Hague – read 1549 minutes
Abdullah Hameed – read 1568 minutes
David Barrera-Mendoza – read 1594 minutes
Gurleen Kaur – read 1604 minutes
Malik Alzubar – read 1642 minutes
Muhammad Khan – read 1690 minutes
Johensky Severin – read 1759 minutes
Tayeba Kafil – read 1782 minutes
Tasmia Shanjina – read 1790 minutes
Mikael Memon – read 1823 minutes
Aldo Garcia – read 1850 minutes
Randaulph Alcy – read 1885 minutes
Byron Gonzalez – read 1918 minutes
Libny Gonzalez – read 1940 minutes
Niloy Bhattacharjya – read 1950 minutes
Danna Salazar Luna – read 1995 minutes
Mohammad Khan – read 2153 minutes
Danna Durango – read 2253 minutes
Daniel Fulgencio – read 2452 minutes
Mohammad Afghan – read 3105 minutes
Fatima Quazi – read 3264 minutes

In addition, Imagine Learning presented our very own Libny Gonzalez, from class 403, with the 2018 Imagine Learning Language & Literacy Outstanding Literacy Award. The award included a Fire Tablet 7 and award certificate.

Ms. Horn’s “Courage to Encourage”

Have the Courage To Encourage Performance at P.S. 135Q was written and directed by Karen Horn.  Working in a collaborative process, our Character Education classes developed relationships. Students encouraged each other to use their voice and talent to spread the message of love, understanding, and positivity.