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Ms. Cruz’s Classroom: #hope

4th Grade students wanted to share messages of hope with their fellow PS135Q families and friends.  Although many events are cancelled, our hope is not cancelled!  Stay healthy, stay positive and strong!  Together we will get through this.  ❤️ #Hope is NOT Cancelled 

Update Letter from Chancellor Carranza


 April 7, 2020 

Dear Families: 

None of us ever imagined what COVID-19 would bring: the closure of public school buildings, remote teaching and learning from home, and distancing from each other to remain safe. 

This has been hard work that wouldn’t be possible without your efforts and support. We know you and your children are moving mountains to keep learning going during this time, as are the more than 150,000 dedicated educators and staff at the NYC Department of Education. I am so grateful for the support you have provided your children as we all have quickly worked to adapt to this entirely new approach to education. These are disruptive and stressful times that have already come with many challenges and a constantly evolving landscape. But with your help, we are making progress every day. 

In that context, I have important updates and reminders to share with you: 

School Closures: The State has announced that all schools in New York State will now remain closed through April 29, 2020. 

Regents Exams: The State has cancelled June 2020 Regents exams. Families of high school students will soon receive additional guidance regarding how this impacts graduation requirements. In short, students who planned to take Regents exams in June 2020 will be exempt from these exams in order to earn their diploma, but they still must complete the required course credits to graduate. Our goal is to make sure that students on track to graduate this year continue to remain on their path toward successful completion of high school. 

Math and ELA Tests: The State has cancelled math and English Language Arts tests for grades 3 through 8. 

AP Exams: The College Board has announced that AP exams will not be administered in school buildings, but students will be able to take AP exams at home. We will soon provide guidance to schools and students on how to implement these changes. If you are in need of a device and have not yet done so, we encourage you to complete DOE’s remote learning device survey. 

Remote Learning Tools: In order to best protect security and privacy, we are requiring schools to transition away from using Zoom as a virtual meeting tool for remote learning. We know this tool is already in use by many schools and we don’t expect it to happen overnight, but we are providing support to educators to help the transition to Google Hangouts Meet or Microsoft Teams—both of which are also in consistent use by many schools. 

I believe that the professionalism and dedication of our educators has never been more apparent than throughout this extraordinary crisis. They have risen to the occasion, fundamentally transforming our learning model while also attending to the altered needs of their own families.

Likewise, your support and partnership have been critical in helping our students cope, remain safe, and learn—even as you have confronted enormous stresses of your own. Thanks to everything you and our educators are doing together, I am confident that our children will continue to meaningfully engage and progress during these times. 

Like our educators during this ordeal, you are truly heroes. We know this is difficult as we all learn to navigate through this unprecedented time together. But we will continue to do everything in our power to support you every step of the way. 


Richard A. Carranza 
New York City Department of Education 

Message from Chancellor Carranza

April 3, 2020 

Dear Families: 

Since closing school buildings and shifting to remote learning last week, all of you, in partnership with our more than 150,000 staff, have shown incredible resilience and fortitude as we leap into a new reality. Together, we have been transforming public education in the nation’s largest school system in ways we never imagined even a few weeks ago. 

Throughout this process, we have approached every decision with the health, safety, and continuous learning of our students at the forefront of our minds. Through it all, I’ve emphasized that we need to operate with flexibility and patience for all our school communities. 

Those values, along with the fact that social distancing remains an imperative for all New Yorkers, means we must take a new approach to Spring Recess, originally scheduled for Thursday, April 9 through Friday, April 17, 2020. 

For the health and wellbeing of all New Yorkers, the City and the State are in agreement that schools must continue to offer remote learning, including during days that were previously scheduled as breaks. As a result, our schools will continue with remote learning through the time originally scheduled for Spring Recess. 

We know that many New Yorkers plan to observe religious holidays on April 9 and 10. Any students and school staff who individually wish to observe those holidays may do so. However, these days will not be considered “days off” for the school system, and remote learning activities will continue for students who are not observing the holidays. 

Here is additional important information for families during this time: 

Remote Learning 

We know that Spring Recess is a time of rest and recharging for our educators and students alike—and we know how hard all of our students and educators have been working to adapt to a new approach to learning. 

With this in mind, we will offer schools remote learning resources that focus on daily themes and enrichment activities for all students for April 9-17. This will keep students and their teachers meaningfully engaged and connected with each other and ideas happening in the world around them—even as we all remain socially distant at home. 

Resources will include “theme” days (e.g., wellness, world language, computer science, college and career readiness) and taking advantage virtually of the unparalleled educational and cultural resources right here in the city (e.g., museums, libraries, and cultural institutions). 

More information on these activities will be shared with schools next week. We are confident that continuing remote learning will help ensure that families adhere to social distancing in the coming weeks, which is imperative to slowing the spread of the virus and keeping ourselves and our neighbors safe.  

Regional Enrichment Centers 

Regional Enrichment Centers (RECs) serve the children of first responders, healthcare workers, and other essential employees across the City. The majority of the REC sites will remain open from April 9-17. We will proactively communicate with families who may need to be temporarily reassigned to a REC during that time. Visit for more information. 

Free Meals 

Meal Hubs offer free meals to any New Yorker who wants them. The majority of our Meal Hub sites will also continue to operate. To find the nearest Meal Hub to you during this period or anytime, visit 

Health Precautions 

We know our families are working hard to stop the spread of coronavirus. People who do not show symptoms may still be able to spread COVID-19, and therefore the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH) recommends wearing a face covering or mask whenever you leave home. A face covering will not protect you from infection, but it can help others. A face covering can include anything that covers your nose and mouth, including dust masks, scarves and bandanas. Do not use health care worker masks, as those must be preserved for people in the health care system. Even if you have a face covering, continue to stay home as much as possible and avoid close contact with other people. Please visit for more information and an FAQ on face coverings, as well as other important information on the virus. 

We continue to operate with health, safety, and high-quality learning as our top priorities for every child and adult in the DOE community across all five boroughs. Time and time again, you and your children—and all the educators who serve them—are proving that New York City has the best students and staff in the world, and that nothing will ever change that. 

Please call 311 or visit for any questions regarding Spring Break, RECs, Free Meals, and much more. As always, you should reach out to your teacher, principal, and others at your school for continued information about remote learning and your child. 


Richard A. Carranza 
New York City Department of Education 

5th Grade: Middle School Program

April 6, 2020

Dear 5th Grade Families:

This week you will be receiving your child’s middle school match. Each student will receive one offer to a middle school program. If your child applied to multiple schools/programs, he/she will automatically be placed on waitlists for any school/program that was listed higher than their offer on the application. (For example, your child receives an offer to I.S. 109, which was listed as their 3rd choice on the application, so he/she is automatically placed on the waitlist for I.S. 238 (#2 on application) and Queens Gateway (#1 choice on application). If your child matches to their first choice, they will not be placed on any waitlists. You may add or remove your child to waitlists in their MySchools account at If for any reason, you do not receive an offer through e-mail, phone call and/or your child’s MySchools account, please reach out to me so that I may give you your child’s match information.

If your child receives an offer to one of the waitlist schools, you have 7 days to respond to the offer. If you accept the waitlist offer, you forfeit your child’s original offer. If you reject the waitlist offer, the original offers stands. If you accept or reject a waitlist offer, your child will remain on any other waitlists he/she was placed on. You can monitor all waitlists, seat availability and offers in your child’s MySchools account. If and when seats become available, middle schools will make offers directly to families by phone/email. As seats become available, offers will be made and waitlist rankings will change. This will be ongoing until all seats are offered.

Please reach out with any questions or concerns to Ms. Arduini (School Counselor) at or to Middle School Enrollment at

Supporting our Community

Dear P.S. 135 Families,

In these trying times, some of us are also experiencing loss within our families, communities, and organizations we are a part of.  With the current health crisis, unfortunately, we cannot grieve as we typically would which can add even more sadness and anxiety to an already difficult situation and may create more confusion for our little ones.  In an effort to support any family dealing with the loss of life, I would like to share some resources that may help you with the grieving process. Please feel free to reach out to me at if you have any questions or concerns.

With warm regards,

Alison Arduini
School Counselor