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“Tell Me and I Will Forget; Show Me and I May Remember; Involve Me and I Will Understand.” – Confucius 450 BC.

Welcome to The Bellaire Music Program!

It is my pleasure to introduce new music curriculum at the Bellaire School.

Children will be able to learn about music, sing and participate in 4th and 5th grades choruses. As we slowly introduce new ideas to the school we hope children find all activities engaging and rewarding.

Peter Papiewski, Music Teacher

More Than Just Music

Science has found that learning music enables learning other subjects and heightens skills that children use in other areas. Art, such as ballet, movement and dance can in fact have strong impact on our bodies, physical health and mental awareness with tremendous benefits on the general creativity and overall health of young children. Music and arts studies help improve spatial-temporal reasoning, which assists the mental transformation of images in subjects such as geometry, math and reading. Music has been scientifically linked to many areas related to children’s well-being. Some include:

Academic Achievement:

  • Improves reading skills
  • Linked to higher grade point averages
  • Greatly increases spatial reasoning abilities.
  • Can be linked to higher attendance and graduation rates

Inherent Benefits:

  • Improves decision making process
  • Teaches critical thinking in new ways
  • Develops emotional awareness
  • Improves process orientation
  • Links multiple ways of “knowing”

21st Century Skills:

  • Supports creativity
  • Teaches collaboration with other children
  • Improves communication and social interaction
  • Develops critical thinking

Social Skills:

  • Music education fills gaps
  • Helps students to engage
  • Transcends socioeconomic levels
  • Helps students lagging behind

Brain Development:

  • Improves cognition [1]
  • Improves coordination
[1] Cognition-“the mental action or process of acquiring knowledge and understanding through thought, experience, and the senses”