Assistant Principal’s Message

Dear Parents,

I am so excited to start the school year with all of our new and returning families.  This will be my 22nd year at P.S.135Q and each year I am delighted to see some of my former student now bringing their own children to school.  While I am no longer a classroom teacher, I feel privileged to welcome each family on the first day and look forward to being a part of each child’s education.

This year we are starting with a new, strong, cohesive administrative team and we have been working together all summer to prepare engaging activities, parent workshops and community collaborations.

My ultimate goal is to be a partner with all families to help each child reach their personal goals and become an active participant in their own learning.  I continue to be a resource for our parents, staff and students to ensure that each child is given the opportunities to grow beyond the classroom.  As partners, we share the responsibility for our children’s success and I look forward to being a part of your child’s team.  Together we make PS 135 the “School that Cares!”

Please feel free to reach out to me at any time.  My door is always open.   I can’t wait for the successes to start.


Ms. Andrea Mitchell

Hello Everyone,

I am pleased and honored to be a part of the P.S. 135 family as your Assistant Principal. With me, I bring 5 years of working as a Middle School Science Teacher who has worked extensively in bring enhanced literacy to science classrooms. I am also very passionate about technology and integrating it into education, creating new and exciting opportunities to help bring the 21st century into our classrooms. I am also very passionate about the area of science and hope that I can bring my middle school/science experience to PS 135 to enhance our students learning. I also bring with me years of work at the college level with a Doctorate in Instruction Leadership.

Ultimately, my goal for PS 135 is to continue working with our incredibly diverse population of students and to make sure that every child has an equal opportunity to succeed and become lifelong learners. I am excited to work with teachers on bringing new ideas to the classroom as well as work closely with them to bring your child those opportunities.

My hope is that with the experience I bring with me, I can make PS 135 an enjoyable and memorable experience for our students and I am beyond excited to work with the staff at P.S. 135.


Dr. Michael Ramlogan

Welcome to P.S.135Q, The Bellaire School!

I am excited to join The Bellaire community and family. I have administrative experience as an Assistant Principal at a charter school in Long Island City, Queens for six years. I am eager to start working and learning from our students, parents and staff members.

The Bellaire School is a great fit for me personally as my beliefs and values are strongly aligned with the school’s core values which are: Efficacy, fostering a Professional Learning Community (PLC) and developing Lifelong Learners.

Moreover, I am grateful to have an opportunity to collaborate with an experienced and knowledgeable leadership team.   I am confident that my experiences and knowledge from the charter sector combined with our current leadership’s knowledge and experience will positively impact our community.

We have an open door policy at P.S.135Q and I am here to serve the community. Please feel free to email, call and visit me at The Bellaire School.

I am wishing all the students, families, staff members and community a year filled with excitement, happiness, great health and success.


Mr. Hakeem Mir