College and Career Journey

The Regional Admissions Officers of Metro NYC (ROAM) are proud to announce the upcoming summer webinars for high school students. Don’t miss out on these great opportunities that will help you throughout your college and career journey!


6/25/20 @ 5:30PM–Application Process for Student Athletes presented by University of Rochester, Ursuline High School, The Ohio State University, Syracuse University and Saint Louis University

7/7/20@ 4:00PM— Going to College “Undecided” presented by University of South Carolina, Le Moyne College, Michigan State University, U of Alabama, SUNY Oneonta, Syracuse University, and Indiana University-Bloomington

7/14/20 @ 5:30PM— Is a Degree in Business Right for You? presented by Syracuse University, SUNY Oswego, IE University, University South Carolina, DePaul University, and University of Cincinnati

7/21/20 @ 5:30PM— The Admissions Process/ Q & A for Juniors presented by IE University , Syracuse University, Virginia Commonwealth University, SUNY Oswego, The University of Arizona, University of Cincinnati, and Lesley University

7/28/20 @ 5:30PM –Financing Your Education presented by University of Rochester, Le Moyne College, Purdue University, Johnson & Wales University, Vanderbilt University, and Saint Louis University

8/4/20@ 5:30PM — Going Out of State presented byUniversity of Rochester, DePaul University, Virginia Commonwealth University , University of Minnesota Twin Cities, The University of Arizona, University of Cincinnati, and Lesley University

8/11/20 @ 5:30PM — College Essay Panel presented by University of Rochester, SUNY Oswego, Lesley University, SUNY Geneseo, and NC State

8/20/20 @ 5:30PM — Degrees for a Sustainable Future presented by SUNY Binghamton University, University of British Columbia, SUNY Oneonta, NC State, University College Dublin, and Le Moyne College

8/25/20@ 5:30PM — Love Computers? Let’s Make a Career Out of It presented by Syracuse University , Goldsmiths- University of London, University College Dublin, and Indiana University-Bloomington

9/2/20@ 5:30PM — What are Pre-Professional Tracks (Pre-Law, Pre-Med…) presented by Syracuse University, Ithaca College, Rutgers-New Brunswick, UMass Lowell, The Ohio State University, and University of Alabama

9/22/20 @ 5:30PM – Opportunity Programs (HEOP & EOP) presented by Syracuse University, SUNY Binghamton University, Ithaca College, and Alfred University

Zoom Links: Will be emailed to all registrants the day before the event

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Asma Malik
Director of Admissions, Metropolitan New York Office
Office of Undergraduate Admissions
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