Kids Teach Tech

Dear Students and Parents,

We hope that you and your family are well. Kids Teach Tech was founded on the principle of making coding and the opportunities that come with it, accessible to all youth. Our goal is to empower youth of all races and backgrounds to work together as a team of leaders to make a difference.

Kids Teach Tech is teaching Live Online Full Week Summer Camps! They are all fun and exciting camps where students learn in depth by coding a famous game, then create their own creative project and present it. The entire week of full day camp is taught in Kids Teach Tech signature style with extensive personal attention by our teaching team to ensure every student learns at their level (beginning to advanced) and succeeds in the camp.

These camps are completely free for students in families facing financial challenges or members of Kids Teach Tech. Contact us directly for alternate registration. Otherwise, the donation fee for each 1 week, 20 hour camp is $25 for students. 

The in depth coding education and experience Kids Teach Tech is providing in these camps is completely in line with what expensive technology education companies are offering, except that our fun and exciting camps are created by youth for youth, have a great deal more personal attention, and do not have their high tuition fees.

We have attached a flyer. Register and see more information at
Please share with friends and family who can benefit and contact us with any questions. Space is limited, so please sign up quickly!

Thank you,

Sarbani Banerjee Mulchandani
President and Executive Director
Kids Teach Tech
(650) 265-7871