5th Grade: Middle School Program

April 6, 2020

Dear 5th Grade Families:

This week you will be receiving your child’s middle school match. Each student will receive one offer to a middle school program. If your child applied to multiple schools/programs, he/she will automatically be placed on waitlists for any school/program that was listed higher than their offer on the application. (For example, your child receives an offer to I.S. 109, which was listed as their 3rd choice on the application, so he/she is automatically placed on the waitlist for I.S. 238 (#2 on application) and Queens Gateway (#1 choice on application). If your child matches to their first choice, they will not be placed on any waitlists. You may add or remove your child to waitlists in their MySchools account at http://www.myschools.nyc. If for any reason, you do not receive an offer through e-mail, phone call and/or your child’s MySchools account, please reach out to me so that I may give you your child’s match information.

If your child receives an offer to one of the waitlist schools, you have 7 days to respond to the offer. If you accept the waitlist offer, you forfeit your child’s original offer. If you reject the waitlist offer, the original offers stands. If you accept or reject a waitlist offer, your child will remain on any other waitlists he/she was placed on. You can monitor all waitlists, seat availability and offers in your child’s MySchools account. If and when seats become available, middle schools will make offers directly to families by phone/email. As seats become available, offers will be made and waitlist rankings will change. This will be ongoing until all seats are offered.

Please reach out with any questions or concerns to Ms. Arduini (School Counselor) at AArduini@schools.nyc.gov or to Middle School Enrollment at MSEnrollment@schools.nyc.gov.